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Bodymind Therapy

"The body is never ill or healthy for it does no more than express

messages from our consciousness"

                           -The Healing Power of Illness, By Thorwald Dethlefsen

With over 23 years of experience, I offer a variety of techniques and healing modalities through healing touch to aid the body in reaching the transformation that is available to each of us. The body is designed to heal itself and always be working toward functioning perfectly. I am here only to assist in helping you remove the blocks from perfect health.

Anne Olivier, LMT, Polarity Practitioner

Call  214-616-9686 to schedule an appointment

Modalities Offered:

BodyMind Integrative Body Work

Processes vary according to what each individual needs. Healing occurs through allowing the body to speak by following sensation and listening to the information given. You can learn to communicate with and understand your symptoms, gaining new insight as to what your body is expressing. These sessions are individually tailored to what is needed at the time.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage makes you feel marvelous by improving circulation, relieving congestion and increasing blood supply and nutrition to the muscles through the body. It acts as a "mechanical cleaner" stimulating lymph circulation and hastening the elimination of wastes and toxic debris. Massage improves muscle tone, stretches connective tissue and breaks down or prevents the formation of adhesions and reduces buildup of fibrous tissue. In addition, it helps to reduce fluid retention in the hands and feet.

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a system working with the human energy field and electromagnetic patterns expressed in mental, emotional and physical experience. With this technique health is viewed as a reflection of the condition of the bodies energy field and therapeutic methods are designed to balance the field for health benefit. Developed by Randolph Stone, DO, DC, ND (1890-1981) who conducted a thorough investigation of energy in the healing arts over the course of his 60-year medical career. Drawing information from a wide range of sources, he found that the Human Energy Field is affected by touch, diet, movement, sound, attitudes, relationships, life experience, trauma and environmental factors.

Lymphatic Drain Massage

A powerful technique designed to boost the immune system, clear toxins from the body, move excess fluids, bring about mental clarity, increase physical energy, improve sinus allergies, neck and back pain, etc.

Neuromuscular Re-education

Neuromuscular therapy is another way of clearning the muscles of old injuries or current problems. A very effective way for restoring flexibility and clearing scar tissue.

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