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I am a self taught artist that has been creating since childhood.  As a  painter, I used oils for many years, then a few years ago switched to watercolor and fell in love with it.  Nature and things around me as well as dreams inspire me.  Many images come during quiet time with myself. Painting faces is another love I have.  Not to paint a portrait but to use the face as a way to convey a feeling or an aspect of ourselves.


It is my desire to make a difference with my work in some way, even if it only lifts a mood for a  few minutes.  I hope it inspires others to find their creativity and use it. 


I also teach private lessons. When teaching watercolor the the goal is about learning to really see and to feel the subject rather than to recreate the subject.. to paint from the inside out.  


 I am a Dallas, Texas native, and I’m still here.

Anne Olivier
Tel: 214-616-9686


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